Arcade Games Being Played Now


Feed Us Play Feed Us Try to eat as much flesh as possible and upgrade your devoted army of blood thirsty piranhas! A silly game of skill with high scores. Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.
Feed Us 3 Play Feed Us 3 The big bad piranha is back and hungrier than ever! Use your mouse to move and eat, and your left mouse button to boost. Use your mouse to play this game.
Fleet Chaser Play Fleet Chaser A surreal and addictive, “just one more go” casual game, with simple mouse only controls, easy for anyone to pick up and play. Use your mouse to play this game.
Fratboy House Wars Play Fratboy House Wars Who wants to knock down a frat house? Flatten them - before they flatten you!
Fruit Snake Play Fruit Snake Your favorite game, Snake, is here again! Well, its not the classic from 1978 that you used to play on your ABC 80 (ah, those where times, right?) but I can ensure you that its still the same good old play value as always. There is a built in high score leaderboard so you can compete with your friends. Use your keyboard to play this game.
Fully Armored Play Fully Armored Explosive mixture of arkanoid and vertical space shooter with RPG elements. 20 levels and 5 boss levels, more than ten different enemies with special abilities. More than 15 upgrades for the ship, from weapons to stationary guns and extra items. Bonuses, traps and much more. Use your mouse to play this game.
Funny Cars Play Funny Cars You the owner of the Funny Car. In the morning, having arrived for work, you need to park the car in a proper place. Have parked?
Generator Rex Providence Defender Play Generator Rex Providence Defender Use Rex's Boogie Pack to fly around the city looking for humans while Bobo blasts the bad guys
Genetic Madness Play Genetic Madness The town is occupied by monsters and you are the only one who's able to stand against the aggressors, to study their technologies and become... a weapon! Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.
Hamburger Slot Machine Play Hamburger Slot Machine Crazy Slots action with "Pure Beef Burgers"? You bet! This fun slot machine uses burgers and burger toppings along with a 1950's Classic Diner theme! Has a "Wheel of Burger" spinner for when you get the onion rings! It stores your credits from the past game and has many doubles and triples combos to win yet more Virtual Burgers! Up to 300 Virtual burgers at once! Game is large format but will scale to 422x722 and loo...
Head Blast Play Head Blast It's all about head butting for distance. Not only is it on a soccer field, but there are a variety of power-ups for your head butting career. It's like soccer, but without that pesky ball.
Heaven Ball Play Heaven Ball Once upon a time so many people heard a legend of heaven castle. where it have a game which it will changed their happier if playing it, but if someone lost at the game, they will falling down to the earth where they should try to live there and become kind to so many people. cause if they die, they have a chance to enter the heave castle again or other side of that, it's really heat there. Use your keyboard to play ...